13 Nights at Jiminy

Activity Information

13 Nights

Experience the terror as you descend into the depths of Jiminy’s past as a haunted hold out. This season you will experience a wedding in the Jericho Valley and marriage has never been scarier! Then ride through the darkness to the summit of Jiminy Peak where chaos lies in wait for you. Your haunt experience will last approx. 40 minutes but will you?

Haunted Giant Swing Ride

Experience the thrill of the Giant Swing like never before! Arc high into the darkness of the night at the Plantation of Jericho.

Haunted Soaring Eagle Zipline Ride

Soar through the air on the Soaring Eagle Zip Ride. The Soaring Eagle will pull you 800 feet up the mountain, as fast backwards as you will go forwards, and then release you to zip back to the base. But what will await you at the bottom?

Scare & Scream Package

1 trip through 13 Nights and 2 rides in the Park on the Giant Swing and/or Soaring Eagle Zip Ride.

Christiansen’s Tavern

Head into the Tavern for a snack, dinner or just a drink while you are here.